A mystical aspect of life that surrounds us.

The act of sharing and bringing all living things together. A deep connection that has allowed food to travel far and wide between communities and across generations. Nature nurtures it’s surroundings. It provides and shares sustenance, blessing us with unique flavours, textures and aromas that bring joy and nourishment to our lives.

Shiitake Floss
Shiitake Floss

Elders Roots was founded by a community of collaborators with the common goal of connecting humans with all nature has to offer. We believe in the mycelial connection people play in building a healthier and safer life for all. We strive to develop and apply solutions that support the healing of our world. We hope you’ll welcome us as we begin our journey in exploration of conscious & kind living.


In 2019, we journeyed out to find connection with our heritage in Vietnam through food, adventures, culture and the community. With a strong background in social work, it was our broad objective to work towards social justice and community development goals. Elders Roots will ethically approach business to empower and enrich people and their communities. It will seek sustainable solutions to reduce impacts on the environment and bring you the best plant-based products to consumers.


The world we live in encompasses an unimaginably complex web of organisms interacting with each-other, a fact that can be easily forgotten in our busy lives. When treated with respect, food has the power to nourish us, ignite joy, and bring people together. In creating and sharing delicious food with the world, we inspire to connect with community, facilitate connection with land and honour sacred traditions so future generations can enjoy the special effect that a story and lore can have on our food.

Elders Roots is a company by the Nature of the Beast. NOTB aware of the complexity of nature and will consciously strive for a sustainable future.


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